About Us

Mary Grace and Rebecca Darragh are mother and daughter that share a love for art and fun.   Our goal is to help everyone realize their inner artist while having fun.

Happy Our Art was born in Atlanta where Rebecca has lived for the last 10 years.  Growing up in Kalamazoo in a house where expressing your creative individuality was stressed  she spent her  weekends at KIA.  When Rebecca was in high school she realized her love for art could be something more and ended up at Western Michigan University to continue to grow her talent.  This is the very place where Rebecca’s passion for partying came to fruition.  Now that she is starting of a family of her own she wanted to a way to share that love for creativity along with having fun with family and friends.

Mary, a graduate of Western Michigan University has her degree in education.  After spending many years teaching throughout the Kalamazoo area she eventually retired.  Realizing retirement wasn’t  her thing she started her own massage practice.   Missing her true love, teaching, she decided to team up with her daughter and put her own talents to use by helping create an easy step by step system to paint beautiful designs.


Jessica Albrecht – completed her degree in Fine Art, with an emphasis in Painting, at Western Michigan University. She has been making art since she was able to hold a crayon, and although her main focus is being the best mom she can be right now, art runs through her veins. She loves teaching others and helping them create a piece they are proud to take home and show off. She is a firm believer that art is meant to be fun, not stuffy and serious, and can’t wait to share her knowledge with you. Favorite quote “If the world made sense…men would ride side saddle.”

Leah Lawson obtained her degree in Art Education from WMU.   This high energy mom has been creating art of many forms throughout her life.  She has taught students of all ages  in many different settings.  As a student of the arts, her greatest joy is when she is able to teach art to others.  As much as Leah enjoys bringing creative emotion to life within herself, she also receives that joy by helping others discover their creativity.


Rebecca Darragh along with the Happy Our Art instructors are continually designing new original paintings to keep your interest.  We have designed each piece with our step by step instructional concept in mind.  We hope you enjoy our art!